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Land Clearing Protocol

This Suggested Protocol provides guidelines to ensure that fair, reasonable and appropriate measures are available to those involved in the destruction or modification of wildlife habitats; the overall purpose being to minimize the adverse effects on wild animal welfare and conservation. The principles set out in this protocol are for everyone involved in activities which are likely to cause the unneccessary suffering, displacement or death of wild animals.

The protocol emphasizes the responsibilities of all people to:
• take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent cruelty and/or suffering to animals.
• minimize the loss of wildlife caused directly or indirectly by development or landclearing.
• conserve, as much as possible, the ecological values of development sites and their surrounding natural environment.

The protocol provides guidance on:

  • General principles
  • Licensing/Permitting and Responsibilities of Wildlife Control Operators
  • Site Assessment
  • Wildlife Management
  • Record Keeping and Management

Loss of habitat and large scale habitat modification represents the most significant threat to wildlife in the United States. Substantial numbers of native mammals, birds and reptiles die yearly as a result of broad-scale clearing of land. Land-clearing may also isolate populations or individuals in pockets of habitat, leaving them susceptible to accident, urbanization, natural disasters, overpopulation, genetic degradation through inbreeding and a range of other detrimental effects.

Click here to review the land clearing protocol.

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